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Why I Became A Mental Health Therapist….

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

How did a business school graduate end up as a Mental Health Therapist?

The cliche answer is “I wanted to help people.” I have a heart of service and I really enjoy helping others just figure things out. But really, I’ve been on this journey and came into this field by following my heart and trusting myself.

Mental Health Therapist Crystal McDowell

I knew after graduating with a Business Degree in Marketing I was not built for “Corporate America." I just care too much. I worked a number of odd jobs in between undergraduate and graduate school, including becoming a substitute teacher, a tutor and a program coordinator at my old high school.

I had the opportunity to work with high school students daily and help them figure out their post graduate plans as I still discovered mine. In that process I learned so much about counseling and started to look into graduate degree programs. After some research, I chose to pursue Mental Health Counseling at North Carolina Central University. Once I was accepted...everything just came together. I moved to NC, started my counseling program and my life was forever changed.

While in graduate school I was challenged and evolved so much in the 2.5 years that I was there. I started going to therapy for the first time and saw first hand the life changing effects of having a supportive therapist. I began to set my own boundaries and truly create the life I love.

A new adventure: Healthy Self Today

Through various jobs and cross country moves, I’m grateful to finally be in the position to launch my private practice: Healthy Self Today...where I choose to serve my community through holding space for us all to heal. I believe that we should all strive to be our healthiest selves, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My practice focuses on holistic wellness, while offering a culturally competent perspective. Most importantly, I allow space for grace, we are all on this journey together. <3

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